Xzavier needs a hospital bed. Cost is $5K dollars.

“Well we wanted him to heal by himself but unfortunately X has to go into surgery this afternoon please continue to pray family. I know God hears our prayers!!” Valetta Bradford, mother of the Mighty X-Man and the Boss Lady of The X-Man Foundation.

'Don't text 4 X' Xzavier needs a hospital bed at the cost of $5K

Xzavier is paralyzed from the diaphragm down. He spends his life in bed or in a wheelchair. The hospital staff had to rent a hospital bed to accommodate Xzavier’s large frame.  He is now 15 years old, 250 lbs and 6’2.

This bed he is using in the hospital costs $100 dollars a week to rent and Xzavier likes it so much better than the bed he has at home at his mother’s condo.  The cost for this wonderful bed is $5K dollars.

We are asking everyone we know to donate $100 dollars each so that Valetta can purchase this bed for X. The acquisition will make life so much more comfortable for him.  We expect a full recovery.  Xzavier went into surgery to have fluid drained off his lungs.  He had an infection, NOT THE COVID-19. Because Xzavier has to live on a respirator and that respirator has to be monitored 24/7, he has home health nurses help Valetta in his care and nurses spend the night to help Valetta monitor the respirator,  They have had to be especially careful and diligent with the PPE so as not to expose Xzavier to the Covid, but he developed an infection from another source and had to have this surgery.

'Don't text 4 X' Xzavier needs a hospital bed at the cost of $5K dollars 'Don't text 4 X' Xzavier needs a hospital bed at the cost of $5K dollars

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was struck by a distracted driver in October of 2010 at the age of 5 years old. It has been a hard ten years.  Xzavier’s mother Valetta is as determined as ever to stop distracted driving despite the manufacturing of computer dashboards in all the new car models and adaptations so drivers can operate businesses from the steering wheel.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was five years old when a distracted driver struck him in the confounds of an elementary school's crosswalk.

Before the wheelchair accessible van broke down completely, Xzavier and his mom would make appearances to high schools, colleges, driving schools and anyone who would give them a platform in their campaign,

‘Don’t text 4 X’

xzavier speaks at Washington high school

The family recently lost their home and had to relocate to smaller housing but Valetta said she likes the bed so much she doesn’t care how much room it takes up. She is going to squeeze it in somehow.

Your donations go directly to the purchase of this bed.  Please help us raise all the money. After the Covid-19 pandemic is under control we will be back asking for your help in replacing the wheelchair accessible van so this dynamic duo can get back out there and warn folks against the dangers of distracted driving.

Thank you.and God Bless.  Wash your Hands!

valetta and x out for the day







2 thoughts on “Xzavier needs a hospital bed. Cost is $5K dollars.

  1. Hello. I learned about your story today while taking drivers ed. I’m 35 years old and now just getting my license due to a fear of driving. I’m so sorry for the struggles you have gone through. I would love to donate. If you could please tell me how I can do that. Thank you.


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